This template (below) was created to standardize and log inquiries coming in from individuals wanting to sell their farm. Note that NOFIA does not provide input on pricing a property or determining fair market value.

NOFIA does not actively promote farms for sale. However given verbal permission from the owner, an interested party can be connected with the person selling the farm. In terms of marketing their property, we encourage sellers to:

Resources on Capital Gains Exemption:

Farm property may qualify for a capital gains exemption, in which case, gains made through the sale of the farm (up to a certain amount) may be completely exempt from tax.

Capital gains, chapter 7 in this CRA publication:

Top Ten Tax Questions on the Capital Gains Exemption:

Taxation on the Sale of Farm Business Assets:

Farm Business Advisors:

**NOFIA reserves the right to determine whether a property fits the category of “farm” and may choose not to post the listing if it does not resemble a farm property.


Please submit this form to NOFIA for posting on the FarmNorth website:


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