The 2016 farm cash receipts for the district totalled $3.7 million, with $1,1 million in floriculture, nursery and sod and $1,2 million in cattle & calves. 2016 average hay yield was 1.5 tons/acre.

Ag Overview

Based on the 2016 Census, the district’s 72 farms were mostly in animal production. The District doesn’t have many large operations but has many local, niche operations. The predominant field crop in the district is hay, with some oats and barley. The District is also home to the Cloverbelt Local Food Coop, which is a farmer to table marketplace that strengthens local food security and supports a community greenhouse.

Climate and Soil

The District lies within plant hardiness zones 3a & 3b. From May-October 2016, Kenora had an average of 537 mm of precipitation, 1,576 growing degree days and 2,526 crop heat units. Agriculture is currently centralized around Kenora, in the Birch & Whitemouth river valleys and in the Piney-Sprague-Middlebro regions.

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